2007 Utility Rate Proposal
 2007_utility_rate_proposal.pdf  Download
2013 Downtown Somerton Redevelopment Plan
City of Somerton 2013 Downtown Somerton Redevelopment Plan
2014 Impact Fee IIP and Fees
2014 Impact Fee IIP and Fees
 DRAFT_#2-_Somerton_IIP_and_Fees_8162013.pdf  Download
2014 Impact Fee Land Use Assumption
2014 Impact Fee Land Use Assumption
 DRAFT_-_Land_Use_Assumptions_9252013_copy_4.pdf  Download
2015 Annual Water Report
 water_Quality_2015-06032016150139.pdf  Download
2016 Limpieza Anual
 2016_Annual_Cleanup_-_Spanish.pdf  Download
2018 Solid waste/recycling collection Calendar
 Solid_waste_recycling_collection_calendar_copy_1.pdf  Download
4th of July Video - English
4th of July Video in English
 COSInd2015-KY.wmv  Download
4th of July Video - Spanish
Special event video - Spanish
 COSInd2015-EST_copy_1.wmv  Download
Advertisement For Bids
 DOC092016-09202016170730.pdf  Download
Animal Registration
Animal Registration
 New_Dog_License_Registeration.pdf  Download
Animal Registration (sp)
Animal Registration (sp)
 New_Dog_License_Registeration_(S).pdf  Download
 COS_AUCTION_BANNER_4X8_5-24-17_copy_1.jpg  Download
Bid Documents - Construction Procurements
 Bid_documents-Construction_Procurements.pdf  Download
Boxing Center
 DSC_0063.jpg  Download
Building Permit Applications
Solar, New Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Signs, Swimming Pools, APS/GAS Clearances, Block Walls, Demolitions, Residential Additions and Patios, Inspection Request Form, Manufacturer Homes, Plan Certification Form, Water Heater/AC Replacement, Cargo Container Replacement, Home Plastering.
 Building_Permit_Applications.zip  Download
Business License Application
Along with the Business License Application, please submit a Lawful Presence Affidavit, which you can download from this website.
 Business_License_Application.pdf  Download
Chamber Application
 ChamberApplication.pdf  Download
City of Somerton Tax Code
 Somerton_Tax_Code(1).pdf  Download
Code Complaint Form
 Code_Complaint_Form.pdf  Download
Council Ave Park
 DSC_0052.jpg  Download
Cultural Center
 DSC_0055.jpg  Download
 Field_Ops_Career_Expo_Flyer_-_PSEs_Yuma_(6).pdf  Download
Draft Land Use Assumptions
Infrastructure Improvements Plan and Draft Development Fees
 Land_Use_Assumptions.pdf  Download
Encroachment Permit Application
 Encroachment_Permit.pdf  Download
Final Joint Workshop Invitation
 Final_Workshop_Invitation.pdf  Download
Final Land Use Assumptions
 Final_-_Impact_Fees_IIP_and_LU_5_6_2014.pdf  Download
Final Subdivision Ordinance
Effective 4/2/15
 Subdivision_Ordinance_final_2-2-15_copy_1.pdf  Download
Final Zoning Ordianance
Effective 4/2/15
 City_of_Somerton_Zoning_Ordinance_2-2-15.pdf  Download
Folleto de Reciclaje
 Recycle_Brochure_-_Espanol.pdf  Download
Free E-Waste Recycling Event
 Somerton_Flyer_4.25.15.pdf  Download
Heritage Pool Front
 DSC_0067.jpg  Download
Joe Munoz Park
 DSC_0046.jpg  Download
Joe Munoz Water Feature
 DSC_0044.jpg  Download
Main St. Ball Field
 DSC_0064.jpg  Download
Medical Marijuana
 Medical_Marijuana.pdf  Download
Parks and Rec office
 DSC_0066_copy_1.jpg  Download
Parkway Subdivision Plans
Parkway Subdivision Plans
 Parkway_Subdivision_Plans.pdf  Download
Planning & Zoning Commission
 P_&_Z_Commission.pdf  Download
Planning Permit Applications
 Planning_Permit_Applications.zip  Download
Pool Area
 DSC_0043.jpg  Download
PR Sign
 DSC_0068.jpg  Download
Programa de Reciclaje Residencial
 Programa_de_Reciclaje.pdf  Download
Project Specification
Project Specification
 Project_Specification.pdf  Download
Public Request Form
 Public_Request_Form0001.pdf  Download
Recycables Items
 Recyclables_Items_and_Not_Recyclables0001.pdf  Download
Recycle Brochure - English
 Recycle_Brochure_-_English.pdf  Download
Recycle Program
 Recycle_Program.pdf  Download
SCFD Carnival Fairs Tents Permit Guideline
 SCFD_Carnival_Fairs_Tents_Permit_Guideline.pdf  Download
SCFD Common fire code violations
 SCFD_Common_fire_code_violations.pdf  Download
SCFD Fire Sprinkler Exemption Methodology Criteria
 SCFD_Fire_Sprinkler_Exemption_Methodology_Criteria.pdf  Download
SCFD Fireworks Display Permit Application
 SCFD_Fireworks_Display_Permit_Application.pdf  Download
SCFD Fireworks Display Permit Guideline
 SCFD_Fireworks_Display_Permit_Guideline.pdf  Download
SCFD New Construction Guideline
 SCFD_New_Construction_Guideline.pdf  Download
SCFD Open Burn application
 SCFD_Open_Burn_application.pdf  Download
SCFD Open Burn Permit Guidelines
 SCFD_Burn_Permit_Guideline_copy_1.pdf  Download
 SCFD_ORDINANCE_NO_2008_006.doc.pdf  Download
SCFD Plan Review and Inspection Process
Flow chart outlining the plan review and inspection process followed by Somerton Cocopah Fire Department.
 flowchart_copy_1.pdf  Download
 SCFD_Uniform_Fire_Code_2003_ORDINANCE_COMMENTS.pdf  Download
Senior Center
 DSC_0058.jpg  Download
Service Request Form
Please use this form to request any kind of service.
 Service_Request_Form.pdf  Download
Somerton Aerial Map
 Somerton-Aerial-cocopah.pdf  Download
Somerton Annexation Map
 Annexation.pdf  Download
Somerton Aumento de Tarifas.
 Somerton_Aumento_de_Tarifas.pdf  Download
Somerton Zoning Map
 ZONING_ARCMAP_copy_1.pdf  Download
Spay/Neuter Process
 SPAY.pdf  Download
Special Council Meeting 5-27-14
 Special_Meeting_5-27-14.pdf  Download
Special Elections
 Somerton_Franchise_FAQ.docx  Download
Special Events Checklist
Special Events Flow Chart
A flowchart indicating the steps to be followed when planning a special event.
 Special_Events_flowchart.pdf  Download
Special Events Permit Application
Splash Fridays
 Splash-Fridays.jpg  Download
Subdivision Ordinance
 Subdivision_Ordinance_final_2-27-15.pdf  Download
SYC Membership Form
 SYC_Membership_Form_copy_1.doc  Download
SYC Payment Agreement Form
 payment_agreement.docx  Download
SYC Transportation agreement form
 Transportation_Agreement.docx  Download
tamale 2014
 web-pix-four-frames14_02view-7.gif  Download
Union Avenue Prebid Signing Sheet
Signing Sheet
 Union_Sewer_L.S._Pre_Bid_Signing_Sheet.pdf  Download
Union Lift Station Addendum 1
Addendum #1
 Addendum_#1.pdf  Download
Union Lift Station Prebid Minutes
Prebid Minutes
 UnionLiftStationPrebid_Minutes.pdf  Download
Vehicle Impound Pursuant To Ars
 Vehicle_Impound_Pursuant_To_Ars.pdf  Download
youth center building
 youth_center_front.jpg  Download
Youth Center Logo
 new_youth_center_logo.png  Download
Zoning Ordinance
 City_of_Somerton_Zoning_Ordinance_2-27-15.pdf  Download