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Carmen Juarez
Community Development Director
143 N. State Ave. 2nd Floor                                                                                                                Somerton, AZ 85350
(928) 722-7370
Fax: (928) 627-2707

Saul Albor                                                                                                                                        Planner 1

143 N. State Ave. 2nd Floor

Somerton, AZ 85350

Office: (928) 722-6714

FAX: (928) 627-2707                         

The Planning and Zoning Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for the short and long term planning for the community and is a liaison between developers and City staff in the business of building the community.

It is our main goal to provide outstanding service to people coming to Somerton to construct new development as well as for the City's residents wanting to initiate a planning or zoning process.

Various types of processes are done by the Planning and Zoning Division of the Community Development Department, including subdivision review, zoning changes, annexations, lot splits and lot ties, as well as temporary and conditional permits. Requests for variances, minor variances and amendments to the General Plan are also handled through this division.

Some processes not only require an "in-house" review but also a public hearing process. Staff in this division works with the applicant to build a case that will then be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council.

City of Somerton Planning & Zoning Commission

Daniel Flores
Term Expires August-2020

Armando Leon
Term Expires August-2019

Cristobal Garcia
Term Expires August-2020

Lorena Zendejas
Term Expires August-2020

Ronald Rice
Term Expires August-2019

Candelario Rangel
Term Expires August-2019

Edgar Mayorquin
Term Expires August-2020