Public Works Department



Sanitation Division collects and disposes solid waste from residents and business in the City of Somerton in a safe, efficient and sanitary manner. We collect for approximately 3,000 residential households and about 100 business properties. Sanitation also collects recyclable materials such as plastic, metal, paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard from the new curbside recycling program.

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Somerton Recycling Program

This program is designed to reduce waste and encourage recycling. The objectives of the recycling program are to reduce the tipping cost of our waste to the landfill and save the natural resources. Source reduction combined with recycling can further reduce waste.

The City officially started the program on November 2010, delivering 3,000 residential curbside recycling containers. As a result, the city has been saving the landfill cost of around 30 tons around $800 a month.

Our goal is to reduce as much as we can, so we want to encourage our residents to help us by placing the garbage/recycling into the proper container. Therefore, Somerton residents help us to conserve our natural resources by committing to reduce, reuse, and recycle.



Fleet Services Maintenance Shop

The Fleet Services Maintenance Shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City of Somerton operated vehicles and equipment; City Hall based vehicles and the Department of Public Safety-Fire Vehicles. These vehicles include sanitation packer type garbage trucks, automated garbage trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, pick-up trucks, full size dump trucks, cars, large pieces of earth moving equipment, pavers, rollers, front-end loaders, a fork lift and a variety of miscellaneous small equipment including lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, generators, green mowers, cement mixer and concrete saws In all, there are approximately 100 large pieces of equipment and 50 plus small pieces of equipment.